Logo Design

  • Vinyl Logo Design 2017

    Logo Design for a new restaurant opening in Washington, Tyne and Wear. Check out the negative spaces. What do you see? We used the same concept from the JJ's coffee logo to create a very unique and original design.

  • JJ's coffee shop in Birtley, County Durham. Logo design, sings, menus. We developed this brand from the very start.

  • The Orangery Logo Design Washington

    The Orangery, logo design in Washington. Part of the Mercure George Washington Hotel in Tyne and Wear.

  • Eat Naked Logo Design. Stacie Stewart

    Logo design for Eat Naked in Brighton, part of a brand package for Master Chef star Stacie Stewart.

  • EIS Pearl Football Crest Qatar

    Logo design for a Semi-pro football club in Qatar.

  • Sam Jaynes Logo Design County Durham

    Samantha Jayne's Hair logo design. Salon based in Fence Houses, County Durham.

  • Happy Pets logo design based in Houghton-le-Spring in County Durham.

  • Red Rose Logo Design

    A modern take on their old red rose logo design. A primary school in Chester-le-street working along side Up North Communications in Washington.

  • Once upon a Party logo design Durham

    Logo design for a party planning firm in County Durham.

  • Healthy Roots Logo Design Washington

    Logo design for a nutritionist based in Washington, UK.

  • NS Logo Design Washington

    Logo design for a North East based football agent and scout.

  • Pro Paint Logo Design

    Logo design for Pro Paint decorating based in Newcastle, UK.

  • AC Plastering Logo Design

    Logo design for AC plastering in Washington, Tyne & Wear. Creating relevant negative space is always an excellent selling point with logo design.

  • Logo design for a cafe in Birtley, County Durham.

  • LS Tiling contractor logo design, Washington

    LS Tiling contractor. Logo design, Washington, UK.

  • PE for All Logo Design Newcastle

    PE for All Logo Design Newcastle.

  • Mia Interiors Logo Design

    Logo design for Mia Interiors based on Crowther in Washington Tyne and Wear.

  • MP Coaching Logo Design

    MP Coaching logo design, covering the North East of England.

  • Kelly's Logo Design Gateshead

    logo designed for a hair and beauty salon in Gateshead, UK.

  • North East Help Link. Logo designed for the North East based charity.

  • James Fulton Hair Logo Design

    James Fulton Hair logo design. The start of a brand launch. His studio is in Jesmond, Newcastle.

  • G Networking Logo Design Sunderland

    G Networking logo design for Grosvenor Casino in Sunderland

  • Roofline logo design

    Logo design for the Roofline Centre in Washington and Newcastle.

  • Morgan logo design

    logo design for Morgan Property management in Pelton, County Durham.

  • Proud logo design newcatle

    Proud Hair & Beauty Logo Design Newcastle, UK.

  • CSSR Logo Design

    A logo design for a car specialist based in Washington, UK.

  • IR Heating Logo Design Washington

    Logo design for a heating specialist in Washington, UK.

  • Logo design for a nursery in Wales.

    Logo design for a nursery in Wales.

  • Extensions by JC logo Design

    Logo design for a hair extension specialist based in Washington, England.

  • Crabtree Fitness Logo Design

    Logo design for a fitness based sole trader based in Hebburn, South Tyneside.

  • GCars logo design

    Logo design for a Newcastle based car sales company in Gosforth.

  • Logo design for an Aesthetic nurse based in Washington, UK.

  • Alfie's Pantry Logo

    Logo designed for Alfie's Pantry based at Team Valley in Gateshead.

  • Hargill Logo Design Washington

    Logo design for Hargill window cleaners based in Washington Tyne and Wear.

  • Forge Fitness Logo Design

    Logo design for Forge Fitness via one of our social media giveaways. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for opportunities to win design work from us.

  • Little Chocolate House Company in Washington.

  • Logo design for kitchens in Sheffeild

    Logo design for a kitchen firm in Sheffeild.

  • CBJ logo design Sunderland

    CBJ logo design. Property maintenance based around a joinery trader in Sunderland.

  • MOT Logo Design Newcastle

    Logo design for an MOT centre in Newcastle upon Tyne. Blutcher MOT Centre.

  • Cake logo design Washington

    The Pretty Little Cake Kitchen in Washington, Tyne and Wear.

  • Design Crowd Winner. The Door Doctor

    Our first designcrowd.com winner. The Door Doctor in the USA. Prize money was $360.

  • Revolve logo design design north east

    Revolve Brands, Australia.

    Our third designcrowd.com logo design winner. Not the design we would have chosen but funnily enough this design 'evolved' from a better design, in our opinion.

  • Logo design for Lady P Boutique in Newcastle.

  • Travel agent logo design

    Logo design for a travel agent covering the North East from Darlington.

  • Invite logo design

    Logo design for an online invite company based in County Durham.

  • AE Contracts NE. Logo design selected from 8 ideas. £50.

  • The Green Deal Logo

    The Green Deal Logo. The 'G' of the main typeface has been turned to symbolise a tree with leaves to help illustrate this. Various greens have been used as 'the Green Deal' is an energy improvement company based in the North East.

  • Angel North Home Improvements

    Angel North Home Improvements Logo designed around the ideas of the client. The Angel of the North looking out over rooftops using shades of green.

  • Get Pampered logo design

    Get Pampered logo design. The client wanted a design based around her favourite flower in pink.

  • Wright Plumbing and Heating Services.

    The ticks are to reiterate the name 'Wright' with a flame to symbolised the main function of the company which is to fit boilers. Plumbing is blue to symbolise water and Heat is a hot red colour.

  • Facebook page Wheel Trader UK. Targeting men who love cars. The wheel rim was designed first using a 'W' and then transfered into a typographic logo.

  • The Bid Room. Designed to be used in three ways. A combines logo, a symbol type separately.

  • Lisa Jones Hair and Makeup

    Lisa Jones Hair and Makeup. Lisa wanted a simple, elegant logo with a fashion feel.

  • Simpsons logo design

    Simpsons logo design in Washington Tyne and Wear.

  • JW mobile Carpets

    JW Mobile Carpets. The blue line under and around the 'C' symbolises a carpet.

  • Kenton School Logo in Newcastle upon. Designed to symbolised the opening of the new school and using the Millennium Bridge shape as the tool of the transformation.

  • FBI. Fatfield Biddick Inn FC. An FBI shield with a football.

  • Fly U Teach. A company specialising in coaching British teachers in Malaysia, So an open book with the Malaysian flag and a children focused typeface.

  • Pear Digital. Based around the ideas and colours of the client.

  • Rob Lavin Personal Trainer. Trying to focus on training males we went for a weight/dumbbell symbol using the colours he wanted.

  • Strive logo design. Washington UK.

    Strive logo design. Washington UK.

  • Sister companies wanted the same colours and styles so they would be recognisable as being partners, using rooftops or arrows to symbolise property and people on the move.

  • Australia based DJ Phil Hudson


We love logos. It’s our favourite most enjoyable product to design.
The symbol and forefront of your business. The design should be simple but effect, it should stand out and be memorable. Let Grieves Design design and create your logo from your own aspirations and influences. We will showcase you or your business successfully using our 17 years of experience and talent. We’ll give you a logo to be be proud of that will last a lifetime.

Prices range from a logo re-draw at £50 to the full design package of £200.

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