Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a price list?

No we don't have a price list. Print prices change on a weekly basis therefore would need updated to often. Design prices vary on the amount of information and the design brief so each project needs a bespoke price. Websites also dependant on information, content, images and size. However, we can give you a price for anything you may need. Drop us an email with your request and we'll send you a price within 24 hours for your design, website or print requirement.


Who owns the design afterwards?

We do not hold ownership on any of the designs we do, once paid for in full. So, once paid for the client will own the design and can do whatever they want with it afterwards. However, if you'd like the designs source files to take away to amend for whatever reason, these will cost the client the same price as the original invoice again. For example, if your design work was £100. The source files will be an additional £100.


Can I cancel a design job once started?

No. Once the design process has begun after we have your brief, you're tied in to pay the agreed fee once the design work is completed. If we are designing work for you for the first time, 50% of the invoice will need paid before we get started.


What is Hosting?

Hosting is what you pay to keep your website on the internet. We need to rent space on servers to keep each website online, including this one. Our current hosting fees start from £19 per month (as of January 2023) paid via direct debit. There is no contract for the hosting, but once cancelled the site connected to the payment will immediately be removed from the internet.