Brochure Design

Brochure Design

Your brochure design will be a creative and engaging document to showcase your products, services or business. It will be relevant to your brand and reflect the contents of your website, if you have one.
In the cases of schools and academies this would be your annual prospectus design rather than a brochure or booklet.

Grieves Design will define your businesses purpose and audience: before we start creating the layout of your document, we will think about your target audience and what you want to communicate to them. This will help us determine the tone, layout, and style of your brochure design.

Brochure Design Specification

The number of pages and print size of your brochure or booklet will define the design layout and orientation of the design. We can create square booklets or use standard paper sizes, usually A5 or A4 in landscape or portrait. Your print document will need to have pages in multiples of 4 to be printed. This is not the case for digital download PDF brochure designs.

Our layouts and designs are visually appealing to grab your reader's attention. We will use high-quality images and graphics that complement your content and help tell your story. We will keep the typeface modern and easy to read at a nice size for the whole brochure, being consistent throughout.

We keep it concise: people don't have a lot of time to read lengthy brochures, so we advise you to keep your content concise and relevant. To use short paragraphs, bullet points in your copy to make it easy for readers to scan and find information as and when they need to.


We also print brochures and offer a host of paper stocks and laminated finishes. As well as looking great, it should also feel great to touch as well. The better the print quality, the more professional your brochure will look.

A well-designed brochure from Grieves Design can be an effective marketing tool that showcases your products or services and helps you connect with your audience.

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